“Except for a makiwara, there’s no other equipment required to learn karate.” -CHOTOKU KYAN

The makiwara is the most important training tool in Karate!

Developed in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, makiwara have been the mandatory training tool of every karate practitioner for hundreds of years. Our design allows quick and easy customization of your workouts by exchanging striking boards and adjusting the angle. This allows you increase the resistance as your punching power increases.

Custom and hard to find equipment for martial arts training and conditioning.  From makiwara training to iron sandals, sword cutting stands, weapons racks, and weapons: if we can’t find quality equipment, we’ll make it. The Kosho School of Karate is hard at work developing and testing the highest quality training equipment for the serious martial artist.

Items that are out of stock are available, at 2-6 weeks lead time (some of our items are custom made), please contact us to order.

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